How do we work?

Understanding 30A

My priority is for you to find the home or property that you love! I've enjoyed being in and around real estate for 15 years, specializing in vacation homes and rental properties. We have owned and lived in both Watercolor and Seagrove throughout our time here. I love living along 30A with my family and am happy to share any insight I may have gained through the years. Originally I am from the midwest and spent some time living Southern California, always close to water whenever possible. I really prefer the climate here as well as the natural beauty of the gulf and the coastal dune lakes.

Investment or Full Time Property?

It's more than just finding a property, it's finding the RIGHT 30A property. And everyone's situation is unique. If you are looking for Investment, retirement, vacation or primary residence (welcome to the beach!) We have a team of experienced professionals that know the in's and out's of each of the 30A distinct communities.


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